Friday, June 26, 2009

Hunter Pet Tanks Get Un-crit-able in 3.2

Thanks to some great 3.2 PTR testing of Durante, he was able to generate the numbers you need to achieve in Resilience plus some number of points in the Grace of the Mantis pet talent. Here is a direct link to his findings over at Big Red Rhino. I'm copying a portion of the info here. I've had some difficulty bringing BRR boards up lately and don't want to have this lost.

Presumes the pet has the full 2/2 Grace of the Mantis Tenacity talent.

Mob LevelChance to be Crit Hunter Resilience
Needed to Avoid
Crits on Pet
80 1% 205
81 1.2% 246
82 1.4% 287
83 1.6% 328

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