Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PTR Raiding Changes

Raid Lockouts
Are you struggling on the last bosses on Monday night and you wish you had an extra week to work on them? /raidinfo shows you how you can keep the raidId around. If you're farming loot you probably wouldn't want to do this of course.

Tier Token Drops

Tier-9 tokens will drop in a similar way as now. A small handful of classes are able to use each one. However, the new thing is that a token can be used to buy any of the tier pieces -- not just a specific tier piece. Win the token, go decide which piece you want to get. I'm a bit torn on this. I don't know how T-9 bosses are arrayed. It will make farming bosses less tiresome. However it will make obtaining the helm a far less meaningful, right? Now it does reduce complexity. There are five pieces available in tier-9.

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