Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Survival DPS on Hodir

I wasn't being a pig about dps. I didn't have a feral buff or good totems. We were just trying to take him down cleanly. I was using toasty fires, and the electrical crit buff, and a few rare occasions the boomkin pillar. Again, I wasn't being gross about it. I'd grab the electrical buff if it was within 10' of me. I'd run to the toasty fire to help contribute some boss debuff stacks for the ranged casters (with my ES "spell"). I'd move maybe 5' to get in a haste pillar.

Explosive Shot is pretty nice. As you can see ES crit 64% of the time which accounted for 87% of all the ES damage.

Images and combatlog analysis courtesy of World of Logs.

Two notes:

1) For the record because of the way the buffs work on Hodir, boomkins can completely rock and shatter the dps charts. With all three buffs and a full fire debuff stack on the boss, they can hit 12k dps.
2) Like Thaddius, pets don't enjoy many buffs and so pet dps classes will lag behind other classes by comparison.

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