Monday, May 5, 2014

Rare Pets

If you still need some rare pet tames, you should get to know someone on a low-population role-playing player-vs-player realm (A.K.A. LowPop RP PVP).

I had a friend from such a realm invite me to group.  I phased to his realm.  Then suddenly instead of more than a dozen level 90 hunters looking for Loque, there was just me.  Oh!  And he's right there because nobody has tamed him.  Port over and grab Ghostcrawler.  All done in less than 10mins.

My mind was completely blown.  I had been after those pets off and on most weeks of this year.


  1. Nice, unfortunatelly i know no one in a RP server

  2. I had tried something with a friend on a low pop "normal" server. There were still CRZ people, but not as many. I don't know why.

    With a RP-PVP server, they don't seem to CRZ to non RP-PVP servers.

    I didn't know I knew someone who had a level 90 character on one of them either. Until a friend suggested I talk to a guild member -- who I've known for 10 years! Surprise! He had a character there.

  3. Sounds like a plan, I´m at a very high pop server, (Draenor -EU), never even seen a rare, tons of people looking for them, i will try to find someone in a RP.PVP server