Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kheldul's Hunter DPS: Heroic Malkorak Hunter POV - Raw Recording

I plan to get some decent editing software and annotate these.  For now, here's the raw uncut kill video from last night.

The fight is very unforgiving and allows for maybe three mistakes from the entire raid for the entire fight.  Less if you don't have good gear.  And often less as many mistakes are cascading or completely catastrophic. This was our "last attempt" as we started it when we normally stop raiding.   About two hours earlier, we had gotten him down to 5%.  This kill was somewhere between our 50th and 60th attempt.  The attempts are fast though as the fight length has a berserk timer of six minutes.

We swapped our Disc priest to Shadow and two-healed.

Click here to get the full screen HD version.

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