Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bandaging the JSHB Addon

JSHB was not working at all for me following the launch of 6.0.2..  I use it on my hunter and rogue. It did not show up. I could not get /jshb to do anything. Others reported that they had it working but it killed their frame rate, or that it was only partially working.

JSHB is not maintained and hasn't been for a year.  The developer or series of previous developers are no longer playing.

Here's how to fix it.

  1. Backup your Interface folder so you don't get crazed if this doesn't work. ;-)
  2. Stop wow.
  3. Download the latest Release edition of Ace3.
  4. Unzip it.
  5. Open up your Interface/JSHB/lib
  6. Delete the libraries in there.
  7. Copy the new Ace3 libraries into Interface/JSHB/lib
  8. Edit the Interface/JSHB/JSHB.toc file and set "## Interface:" to 60200.
  9. Start wow and make sure the addon is enabled.
  10. Enjoy your borrowed time.
I'm looking to get a permanent replacement to JSHB.  NeedToKnow, which was updated for 6.0.2 has an experimental option to show focus. It's not where it needs to be for real use yet though.


  1. Thank you for posting this. Thought I was going crazy. On the same toon, JSHB worked fine as BM and not at all as MM. Enjoying borrowed time, and looking forward to your recommendations! -- Prema, Aerie Peak US

  2. I tried your suggestions, but no luck. Like the first commenter, it seems to work as BM, but not MM.

  3. Yeah, confirmed with MM. I'll continue to look for something better. BM was fine. I did a 2+hr raid with it.

  4. Cool, I'll try this. I was thinking of trying to figure out something with WeakAuras as a backup.

  5. Okay. Hacked some stuff with NeedToKnow. The addon will need to be updated. But it is pretty awesome for all the focus buff/debuff and especially the MM sniper training. I'll need something else for the MD, Interrupt, Tranq notifications, but that's far less important.

  6. Checked MMO-Champ - Someone fixed some updates to the addon -