Saturday, January 18, 2014

The HPP Live Show In-Game Event (Pics too)

I leveled my Kheldul <WHU> hunter from level 12 to 20 and got riding just before the show, but it turned out to be easy to get my main cross-realmed into the party.  Things started out pretty neat and orderly, but then dissolved into a drunken chaos.  This was fairly easy given the drinking party podcast rules (i.e.- IRL consumption) and in-game blur-to-the-max placements of pony kegs of several shapes and sizes (including the pet).  I didn't get enough of the wild party shots, but it was fun.  After about three hours of this (yes, really), we all hit the Gurubashi Arena and slaughtered each other.  Being cross-realmed, I had to stay with a half-dozen folks in the pit and it was great.  I did a dozen or so target a competitor and "death from above" plummet with a disengage right at the end to join the fray.  After an hour or so of that, we moved on to Booty Bay for more beverages.  The podcast was still in full swing but I had to bail to make some IRL dinner.  Below are a few pics of the first hour or so.

All lined up.

Over 130 in the live stream and at least 100 hunters at the party.

W H u

Similar transmog as above but a different person.

The last caption before things got a bit crazy.

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  1. Dandaratikii says: It seems like Kheldul was drinking... Last picture was kinda blurred ;) Great shots.