Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Glyphs Make Me Nuts

I really wish I knew what these major glyphs are supposed to do.  Their descriptions make them seem completely worthless, but yet they shouldn't be since they are our new major glyphs.

Glyph of Enduring Deceit.  While we're camouflaged, we take 10% less spell damage.  That might be nice, and I might not grasp the finer points here.  But.  But... don't we fall out of camouflage when we take damage... and can we enter camo while in combat?  I honestly don't recall since it is far less a PvE ability.  But if we can't, then it would mean we'd never get advantage from it in PvE and in PvP it would help with one AoE spell (since we can't be directly targeted) and really it would just be one tick of AoE which would be quite light anyway.  So... uh.  What is this major glyph supposed to do for us?

Glyph of the Lean Pack.  Umm.  We have a personal-only pack and a large pack.  And we can glyph it to make it larger, via a minor glyph.  What purpose is this major glyph? If it really is incredibly situational, what's the situation?  The best people can come up with is for PvP when you want to move a small group fast but not stun others.  But there are a whole bunch of actually good major PvP glyphs that would make this absurd to use.


  1. Camo can be used in combat, but it only lasts 6 seconds or something and is cancelled when you attack. Never really messed with it though to see exactly how it works.

    It seems they were gung-ho to add new glyphs but didn't have a clue what to add for some classes, so we got these stupid ones.

  2. Ahh yes. Thanks. Camo used to be this:

    20 Focus
    1 min cooldown
    You blend into your surroundings, causing you and your pet to be untargetable by ranged attacks. Also reduces the range at which enemy creatures can detect you, and provides stealth while stationary.

    You can lay traps while camouflaged, but any damage done by you or your pet will cancel the effect. Cannot be cast while in combat. Lasts for 1 min.