Saturday, August 24, 2013

How Deterrence in 5.4 will be a Minute Longer CD

The way charges work with Deterrence, the cooldown seems very similar to 5.3 until you try to use Deterrence a fourth time.  Then each time you want it, it's an extra minute or two.  There wont be Readiness to finesse through the issue.


  1. Maybe that's just how charges are supposed to work, but it really seems like it's a bug. Each charge should have it's own CD; otherwise, it's going to be very confusing.

    Thanks a lot for the video though. It really illustrates the issue well.

  2. Yeah.. and the only reason there are charges there is as a substitute for Readiness not existing anymore. But even using it like I do, it's still a big nerf to Deterrence. I hope they just made a mistake.