Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hunter Damage Tweaks

Arcane Shot
This tweak to Arcane Shot looks a little better.  Previously they increased the damage and focus cost.  Then when people complained that the shot would compete against the signature shots they dropped the damage buff down, such that it was a nerf when represented as damage/cost.  I'd like to see them drop the focus cost a bit too.  It's totally selfish I suppose, but the focus change will screw up everyone's rhythm.

Arcane Shot additional damage increased by 21%.

Lynx Rush
This is very good news for this forgotten talent.  aMoCs was buffed for loss of readiness.  Blink Strikes was already powerful.  Lynx Rush was already the poor choice and hadn't received any increase from the loss of readiness.  AP scaling and damage increase sounds like a nice buff.

Lynx Rush damage and AP scaling increased by 30%.

Signature Shots
And then we have some nice to finally see signature shot buffs.  KC looks decent.  Aimed Shot looks weak.  Explosive Shot seems behind KC by a lot even if LnL was frequent.

Kill Command base damage increased by 33% and AP scaling increased by 16%.
Aimed Shot weapon damage increased by 12.5% and additional damage reduced by 2%.
Explosive Shot damage and RAP scaling increased by 8%.


  1. I'm pretty sure the focus increase for Arcane Shot was to make the Thrill of the Hunt talent more viable, I tend to use that on my hunters and I'd end up capping focus &/or missing out on procs a lot of the time. Increasing damage and focus for ArS should make for less focus capping with that talent.

    Of course, I could be totally wrong about that.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I meant to try that on the PTR. In theory when that procs you should be able to fire three more shots to get it to proc again. And again. I need to look at the math behind that. But before doing so, I wanted to see if they added an ICD.