Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snipers Nest

I was in the vicinity of Wintergrasp and wanted to check out the vendor. So I flew over. On the way, I decided I wanted to see some of the rooftops. This is the goblin garage. You can get up into the middle of the roof pretty easily.

While I was checking out the vendor, I came across a horde warlock doing something evil; sniping people looking at the vendor's wares. So a friend and I killed him. Unfortunately, his warlock transporter helped him get back to his sniper spot easily. So I got a priest to levitate me so I could get to where the warlock was.

It's a truly evil spot and, from my perspective, it seems to really abuse what warlocks can do with that transporter thing they have. Essentially, they can put the transport location up high and then jump down to a lower wall, kill some people, and then transport back up and bandage/drink. You have to camp both the transport destination and where they are. Plus the damn transporter destination stays around for them even after they are dead.

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