Friday, May 1, 2009

Hunting for Wild Hunt

So my new wolf pet dinged 80. Nice, right? So he gets his last and final pet talent. All my calculations with the spreadsheets say it should go into Wild Hunt for the dps. As a bonus, it should increase some survivability since it adds a chunk of stamina.

So I was curious if it really worked. I took screenshots along the way. The first is before I've actually clicked the commit button on the pet talent. Notice the pet health.

So, I've learned one rank of Wild Hunt. It's clear in the screenshot. What's also clear is that the health of the pet didn't move one bit.

Following this, I tried mounting and unmounting. No pet health change. Then I tried dismissing and recalling. No pet health change. Pretty bogus. I unfortunately did not check my pet's Attack Power. So I don't know if that was also un-effected.

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