Friday, March 6, 2009

This will change my playstyle

Euripedes at criticalqq has a very interesting article. In it he discusses jumping out of void patches:

Simply put, the WoW engine doesn’t update your position until you hit the ground. When you are airborne, as in jumping, the game engine doesn’t know where you are anymore.

There's also a comment of someone who seems knowledgeable:

The interesting thing is that the server doesn’t instantly update your position when you’re running forward. It does however update whenever you strafe - so you do want to strafe out of death zones, and when doing Heigan it’s also a good idea to strafe just a little - not a lot, since it will slow down your movement, but just a tap now and then.

I will find it hard not to jump. But I'll also find it hard not to think about this article.

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