Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One of those pony sticks

Nope! Not the awesome one. But it is funny looking with a red glow on it nonetheless. Is nonetheless even a word?

Cleared four wings of Naxx last night. Not our fastest for sure, but we got Thaddius down with two people who hadn't seen the fight before. Also had a Pally healer switch to tank, and a pally tank mostly in blues as another tank. Luckily, we had a regular OT/MT as MT. Our stand-in tanks did great. A little goosey on Patchwerk, but that's not the easiest to walk into. We also had strange imbalance. A bumper-crop of hunters (BMx2, MMx1, SVx2) and boomkins. Not our normal fare.

Arrowsong dropped again last night. I passed. I really should get it ... just like guns a little more. Okay. A lot more. However it would be a fairly decent up. It'd take away some more of my +hit gems too.

Here's a WWS if you like to chew. I'm Phobos. Oh, and I and three others got instaGlib'd on 4 Horsemen half-way through. I was at nearly full health. I was only getting stacks from the back-right horseman. Had two stacks ... was thinking of where to run and not hit black circles on the other side, and then boom! Took a 116,846 Holy damage hit.

EDIT: I forgot anonymous WWS change the names each time you go to it. So... ummm. I'm the hunter that did 4845 dps on the sketchy Patchwerk kill. We were MD'ng like mad for the novice Pally MT... had to brez him once or twice... I was eventually trap-dancing, but there was no calm watch-the-cooldowns rhythm.

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