Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Raiding Naxx

Maybe it's just this week. I've been on a never-ending treadmill of things to do. Every time something is achieved a new thing I need to take care of comes up. And the pager has been less than silent. So that doesn't allow one to really enjoy Wow.. or anything perhaps.

So, while we had a fairly good run in Naxx, my heart just wasn't in it. I even played around in Gothik for the first minute and just didn't DPS, but just ran around and danced on the walls. Things were going a little slow. The group make up was off. (Five tanks!) And of course maybe the content is just less than exciting.

There was one interesting thing we did. Normally on 4-Horsemen, we have the tanks taunt-twist the front two horsemen, while equal amounts of dps burn them both. (While of course just tank-heal-switching in the back.) Well this time we just stacked all our dps on the metor guy with one tank+heal on the front right guy. We burned the front left guy down in two stacks, moved to the front right guy, burned him in four stacks and then spread out and burned the back guys. It was certainly faster. No achievement, but neat.

Looking at my WWS report, I had one missed shot with my 7.99% to hit, and my pet stayed the same as last week with about 7% miss. (Oh, and don't look at non-boss fights. The person logging was also running master loot so he wasn't in range of most trash.) Of course the +hit issue is all moot with new loot. I moved up one step with ranged weapon and pants. I was reluctant to leave my gun, but this is the second-best in the game. And it has +hit. Enough such that I replaced another gem with +16 agility. At least the best is a gun and something to look forward toward. Dwaves and guns are just meant to be. The pants were also a little difficult. It's another break of my T7.5 set. But again, they're a 9dps up according to the spreadsheet.

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