Sunday, March 29, 2009

PvP Battlegrounds

As you might have picked up from my previous trivia screenshot, I like to do the new BGs. I think it's still true that a well-coordinated raid can win any of them easily. However the pugs seem to stand up a lot better. Individual achievement seems to matter more.

In Strand of the Ancients, two good players can win the game. As a hunter, you're probably better off riding shotgun on a tank. Outfitter is good here. Start off in your normal PvP gear. If you drive the tank, stay in it. Generally on the beach, I'll head for the side with two tanks already hitting a wall, driving right off the dock. If I manage to get in a tank with an experienced driver, it's fairly golden. In that case however, I'll usually flip out of my PvP gear and into dps-PvE gear.

While riding shotgun, you want to weed the field. You also primarily want to keep melee the hell away from the back of your tank. Generally speaking, concussion shot is pretty good here. I use that all the time vs mounted opponents. It's also great against melee to keep them a little out of range of dps'ng the tank. Wyvern Sting on casters is great. CC them and forget them unless they immediately break it. Use Frost Arrows every 30sec.

When a tank gets to a wall, you will usually not be able to attack enemies. Sometimes it seems wise to stay in the tank. Sometimes that's just fear talking. You're most likely better off jumping out. Enemies will be dps'ng the tank. You get to dps them before the tank blows. You can also lay a mine if you have one. If the wall falls, hop back in the tank. If you're about to die, hop back in the tank. If things don't work out so well ... after you rez... don't forget to re-equip your PvP set. ;-)

I am still building my PvP set. 415 resilience isn't horrible. I have enough to buy a few more pieces, but I'm holding out for 3.1. I believe there are upgrades on the way. There is one that looks pretty tasty.

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