Friday, May 3, 2013

Hunting Jin'rokh - Tips and Recommendations for Melee Hunters

Jin'rokh is the first boss in the Throne of Thunder raid instance.  He has four very nice drops for hunters.  I have received four of the same drop from him and haven't seen the other three.  This is over the course of many many raids.  Possibly because of this, I recommend you raid this as BM with the following talents:

Recommended talents for battling Jin'rokh.
You may choose to use Lynx Rush instead of aMoCs. Any level 30 talent may be taken because none have any applicability.  Fervor is a reasonable choice if you want to gain focus for more Kill Commands, but Dire Beast is a nice attack.  Thrill of the Hunt is always wasted on melee hunters.

As far as weapon selection, I recommend you further shame Jin'rokh by not using a very good melee weapon.  In this regard there are a few options.  First, you could wield a profession oriented item or something more exotic.  This might not pack enough oomph and the line or brew may not be suitably strong enough to land the boss.  I have vendored all my polearms, so my personal choice is to dual-wield two pumpkin swords. Thank goodness we can still dual-wield melee weapons!

Make sure to out-dps the rogue and demand to roll on the obvious upgrade to celebrate in a purple euphoric haze.

If you happen to be a ranged hunter then you can use whatever specialization, talents, and glyphs you want and you'll do fine.  You could also decide to equip a ranged weapon and attack outside of melee, but use your discretion.

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