Thursday, May 30, 2013

Auto-cast Claw/Bite/Smack Fixed in the Patch?

This sounds very good.  Patch notes from last night:


  • General
    • Pets will now correctly auto-cast Bite, Claw, and Smack again.
  • Talents
    • Blink Strike' teleportation will no longer work for pets that have been rooted.
  • Beast Mastery
    • Beast Cleave damage against nearby targets will no longer be affected by damage taken modifiers on the primary target.

Sure Blink Strikes being a way around a rooted pet is a bummer for PvPers I guess .. but it shouldn't be working.

Regarding Beast Cleave damage, I'll have to see how it looks.  I often am using a boar (named Bacon of course) so I was benefiting from that and not realizing it.  Yes, clearly it shouldn't benefit that way, but I'll have to see how the damage pans out.

But Hallelujah!  Standard Attacks working from auto-cast.  If I can clean up my macros, I'll love it.  Sadly, to test auto-casts out in ToT, I'll need to do some LFR as we killed Lei Shen last night.

UPDATE: I removed all the "/use claw" type commands from my macros.  From LFR log parses without those macro'd, it looks like Claw, Smack, and Bite are fixed.  I'm not entirely sure they are doing as many attacks as they otherwise could.  But that might be old news.  I did have some pet glitching where the pet stood beside me when he was on assist but just did a petattack to get him going.


  1. I was having issues today (Jun. 3) with autocast pet attacks not working against the last boss while doing an heroic scenario. I don't know if that was just the glitching you refer to or if it means the problem has yet to be fixed.

  2. To update: I tested this out on the raiding dummy at the Shrine, and then at the raiding dummy in Orgrimmar's hunter training area. Basically, when telling my wolf to attack the target, the wolf would NOT autocast bite no matter what. However, he WOULD successfully perform a bite if I manually triggered a bite attack. So unless the new hotfix is going out tomorrow morning, it does not appear to be fixed. I will wait until after tomorrow's restarts to post on Blizzard's forum about the bug, in case that fixes it.

  3. Point of INCREDIBLE weirdness: just for fun I switched into SV (yeah I know, I decided to pick up SV for the AOE...). When in SV, autocast bites work. When in BM, they do not.
    I'm not using blink strike here, and I'm not using any other attacks, just having my pet attack. BRILLIANT. The Beast Master gets lazy pets!
    Ok sorry for cluttering up the comments!

  4. Thanks for the info. I'll have to pay attention to it when we try Heroic Jin'rokh tomorrow... as I usually do that as BM.