Thursday, May 23, 2013

Frenzy Appears Broken

BM Hunters,

I don't have scientific data to understand exactly what is going on here.  But I do see that Frenzy buffs are not happening hardly at all.

I did Durumu Normal 10man last night (5.3) and on Monday (5.2). I always try to do it as BM.   I went from 66 frenzy stacks in 5.2 to SEVEN frenzy stacks in 5.3.  Details below.

On Monday my pet had 163 melee attacks and 72 bite attacks.  I was using a boar.  The fight lasted 8m39sec.  This resulted in 66 frenzy buffs with a total uptime of 89.3%.  I hit focus fire 10 times and got 270 focus total.  This is pretty good.

Last night, my pet had 155 melee attacks and only 8 claw attacks.  I was using a spirit beast. The fight lasted 7m27sec.  This resulted in only 7 frenzy buffs with a total uptime of 13.6%.  One time I saw it stack to two and hit focus fire (once) and got back 12 focus.  Once.

Yes, I had a few variables different in the fight.  Different pet.  Different raid (3 heals vs 2 heals).  But both pets had full autocasts on except for Growl.  I had the same talent choices.  aMoCs and Glaive Toss.  So no Dire Beast(s) talents were in play.  I also spent 3k valor on upgrading gear.  I reforged and stayed hit and expertise capped.

Monday's 5.2 worldoflogs.
Wednesday's 5.3 worldoflogs.

I've added to a Blizzard bug thread on the issue.  Check your logs!


  1. If you've had luck with pet standard attacks, please let us know. Also let us know if you had Blink Strikes as a talent or not. Some theories indicate that it lets things work as they once were.

  2. Hmmm. I wonder if ALL my pet's basic attacks were triggered off of my serpent sting macro. ... I think it includes a petattack. That would be sad.

  3. I've observed the same problem with VERY low frenzy stacking. I can't say for sure, but it did not appear to be happening with non-exotic pets - so I'm guessing it's related to the special attacks tweak they did for 5.3

  4. Looking at my pet's focus, I can see it does not cast any abilities on it's own half the time now. We're looking to down Lei Shen tonight so if it isn't fixed by then, I'm going to just macro bite into some of my shots. I tested it last night by manually casting bite, and it appropriately gained stacks. I recall someone saying blizzard made a change so that pets couldn't growl bosses away from tanks when it was on auto, and maybe this was an unintended byproduct?

    Another issue since the patch hit has been pets lagging behind. Even with AotC on, my pet goes sooo slow. It can't keep up with me at all.

  5. This appears to now be fixed.

  6. Last night I had an 8 minute (and one second) Twin Consorts fight. I used a sprit beast. The spirit beast had 458 melee attacks (which was most of its damage done). It only had 40 claw attacks the entire fight. This resulted in 25 Frenzy stacks -- again for an 8 minute period with lots of buffs and a heroism. I used focus fire ONCE and got 30 focus back. I used beastial wrath 8 times. I used aMoCs, not Blink Strikes.

    This does not appear to be fixed, but perhaps you have some situation where standard attacks work?

  7. Seems fine on trash but not on bosses. Only managed a workaround by keybinding/macro-ing rabid/bite/claw etc.

    Changing from AMoC to/from Blink Strikes, changing pets (and pet specs) didn't solve the issue.

    It hurts SV... but kills BM.

    Oh, and... with BS, pet randomly gets stuck in walls, semi in the air and so forth. Fun times!

  8. I havnt been in 5.3 much yet, but here are the problems I had prior.

    Some fights Frenzy would stack pretty well. Keeping in line with it's RNG. Other times, I would notice it would rarely if ever get past 2 stacks. I didn't see a patern, and sometimes I would see this on the target dummies.

    I knew the change to Blink Strike was going to be a problem. I have been using it all along on one of my hunters. One of the side effects has always been bad teleports. Sometimes my pet would Blink up into the Air to meet airborne mobs, and there he would stand fighting from 20 feet I. The air. When the fight finished he would sometimes blink back down (not really using the ability, but the effect looked like it). Other effects included non pathable location, and I would then need to dismiss the pet to get it off the tree, rock, whatever. And the worst of all was getting stuck inside something. Really annoying as you have no line of sight to dismiss, no line of sight to attack. I'd have to get out of range to get my pet to despawn, and I think that's 100 yards now.

    I liked using it despite the problems. Creative use of some of this problems could help out, like teleporting into the air to meet a mob in the air and fight there. But having this ability pop EVERYTIME it's available is going to be annoying if the bugs are not fixed.

  9. The problem is that for SOME bosses pet auto-cast Standard Attacks do not auto-cast. They can be hit manually or put into macros. This problem is independent of talent choice or exotic vs normal pet choice. But the problem started with 5.3 and is probably related to changes to accommodate Blink Strikes mechanics. Here are my macros at the moment:

  10. Okay so this was specifically addressed in a hotfix patch last night. Fingers crossed!