Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When Loot Crushes Your 5.2 Plans

Last night -- the night before 5.2 lands -- Lei Shi gave me a new rifle via a soon-to-be-worthless coin.  I had been using an upgraded LFR version.  Well.  I was at about 720/1,000 valor for the week, but not earning any because I was already at the 3,000 total valor cap.  So plans demolished.

We were bringing a new raider in who I just guilded, so I went out and dropped the bag of gold for a new legendary gem and gem slot and yes, I upgraded that sucker twice for 1,500 valor.

I'm not sure if this puts me behind or ahead.  But I do know that I wont be picking up two epics from valor vendors in the first few days.  And it makes me more likely to get a ranged weapon upgrade as a raid drop. ;-)


  1. Haha, exactly this is my concern for tonight! You see, here in Europe we're in 5.1 until Wednesday. We finally downed Empress on Sunday and twoshot first boss in ToES. We're going back tonight to see if we can get more bosses down before 5.2 hits here, and I'm both hoping to down them, and kind of wishing that there won't be any weapon drops for me... Grats on your gun anyway. :)

  2. Last week the shoulders dropped for me on LeiShi. I won but passed to someone who could use them better. This week, I lost the roll and felt relieved.

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