Friday, March 15, 2013

Hunter Notes on the Council of Elders

We just started learning the Council of Elders.  Unfortunately we were light on heals and tried to do it with one uber healer and one new healer.  Combine that with a raid taking more damage than they should and it wasn't pretty.  About half of us learned to dance with frostbite [victims] during Malakk's empowerment.  It's a skill all hunters will need to develop.  Our overall strat was almost good, but we were two tanking and lacking some DPS.  And like Horridon, we were lacking some interrupts.  We can improve our strats.

Along the way I learned two hunter-spec things in this fight.

First, it's great if you're BM.  You do lots of nice single target damage to burn through the empowerments.  I was doing about 5M damage per empowerment.  It's also really really nice to be BM during Kazra'jin's empowerment because you can burn him.  Most of your damage comes from your pet so you don't need to dial it back -- whereas others need to not kill themselves doing it due to his damage reflection.

Second, it's great if you're SV.  You do respectable single target damage. When Loa Spirits come out you can stop them in their tracks with traps.  You don't have to worry much about pet travel time.  And when Sul makes the sand stand up and fight, you can AoE quite well.  The only drawback is that warlocks can do everything you can -- just differently.

I don't know how it will settle out, but I'll probably be flipping around depending on which council abilities are the most problematic.

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