Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hunting the Council of Elders

This Council fight took 40+ wipes to develop a strategy that our iLevel could handle.  It's a very fun and active fight, but sad when it just feels a little over-tuned.

We had been dealing with Frostbite with different groups of three, but simplified it greatly by having two tanks and having them stack on each other.  That lessens the charges and sandtraps that affect three people at once.   The only catch is that the tank of Mar'li really doesn't have too much threat on her, being across the room from her.  That tweak bought us a lot of extra DPS time and a lot less spike healing needed.

The second major part of this is that Sul puts out huge amounts of damage.  After he dies the raid damage goes down to something two healers could deal with.  The second issue with him is that when he empowers there is additional huge amounts of raid damage.  The adds we can deal with but our healing is a little behind.  So we approach this fight as an anti-Sul fight.  We nuke him at the start and into the first empower Malakk.  Then we keep both tanks on him interrupting him and DPS'ng him.  We also keep as much as possible an extra DPS on him.

The third part of our strategy involves controlling which council member empowers.  They empower within waves.  The next highest health council member will empower next if they haven't already empowered within that wave.  We want Mar'li to empower third and Sul to empower last in the first wave.  So we toss some DoT damage on Mar'li as well.  We burn through the empowers of Malakk, Kazra'Jin, and then interrupt pull Mar'li into the cleave group when she empowers.  Then we finish off Sul and then finish Mar'li.

Since I knew that we were trying not to have Sul empower, I ran this as BM.  BM allows you to burn Kazra'Jin during his reflect-damage empower much easier than SV.  The Kill Command damage doesn't come from the hunter.  So if you are affected by Biting Cold and it's Kazra'Jin's empower phase you can still squeak a bit of damage on him without dying.  (Though I came close!)

The video shows it like it's easy.  The bubbles smooth over what is really an immense amount of damage.  This was our second week killing Council with only one different raider.  And I should mention that we wiped 3x as many times this week on Jin'rokh as on Council. (lol!)

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  1. We ended up bringing Marli over next to Malakk and Sul and just ignoring her healy adds. They have 1.4 million health, on normal they heal for 4 million health. It wasn't worth the loss of cleave damage and the time spent target switching to burn those adds.