Monday, August 15, 2011

Easy Hunter Epics

If you're in solid 359 gear, this list can help you. If you're in all green gear, this list can help you. Firelands is a bit of a gear reset. You can grind unlimited Justice Points and buy all sorts of gear using those points. You can get three of your Tier-11 set (chest, legs, and hands). You can get tons of epics by running just normal and heroic dungeons. Then you can start accumulating Valor points and Valor gear. But before all that, the below list shows you the super-easy gear that's a step up from the old 359 iLevel world.


Matoclaw's Band
Take note: 365 does not equal 359!  Even if you have one of the four or five nice iLevel 359 rings, this is an upgrade for you.  What's it take to get?  If you've done the basic quests in Hyjal, then it takes maybe 40 minutes of running around doing the quests leading up to the Firelands dailies.  They made it so you can get to the Molten Front in the first day of doing these quests.  (You used to have to spend three days doing it.)  Go inside the cave in the Molten Front and pick up this nice ring.  Along the way, you'll also pick up a fair amount of questing gold.

Band of Glittering Lights
Another nice ring from running the second tier Firelands dailies.  Unlike Motoclaw's Band, this requires more than just one day of dailies.  It requires a few weeks.  You should choose if you want Ricket's trinket (listed below) or this ring first.  This ring is better than the 359 rings.  Note though: if you've got a 359 ring, this may only be 0.05% better.  Yes, it's an upgrade, but don't expect amazing returns.  But if you have room for a nice epic ring this is a wonderful addition.

Band of Ghoulish Glee
When Hallow's End comes to a dungeon finder near you (as early as Oct-18) you can get this free and super-duper ring.

Mantle of Doubt
This is the easiest item to grab.  It's a gift from Thrall and Aggra after you do a series of quests to help Thrall out.  Any fresh 85 can do it.  Any seasoned 85 should do it.

Sleek Flamewrath Cloak
If you do have some gear or you can at least put out say 14k dps, then you probably can get into a reputation-oriented PUG for Firelands.  Get to friendly rep with the Avengers of Hyjal and snag this fine cloak.

Dreadfire Drape
This is not an entry-level easy hunter epic.  But I do put it here so you can compare it to the above cloak.  They're the same iLevel, but one can can easily get to 332 agility and the other only gets 227.  And it's not even the heroic version.

Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher and the Lava Bolt Crossbow
If you have tons of gold to spend, these are easy.  If you don't then just ignore this section.  The 365 gun is crafted by engineers.  It is listing for around 10k gold on my server.  The crossbow that wants to be a gun is a random drop in the Firelands raid.   It isn't especially common and usually can be found selling for anywhere from 20-40k gold.  Please note its DPS.  It warrants the price.  It will have a very significant affect on your damage dealing.


Ricket's Magnetic Fireball
If you've got the nice 359 trinkets, this one does not work out to be better.  But it's pretty damn close.  The on-use ability may make it better in some situations.  If you have room for a nice trinkets then this will be a wonderful addition.  How do you get it?  Run Firelands dailies for a few weeks.

Coren's Chilled Chromium Coaster
When Brewfest rolls around at the end of September (Sept-20 - Oct-5) you'll be able to get this freebie trinket.


There are also two flavors of BoE bracers you can pick up if you're flush with the shiny coin.  The valor ones and the raid BoE ones.  Both will cost several thousand gold.  Neither is worth it over say the BWD raid BoPs.  But I know they took forever to drop for me.  And FWIW, I wouldn't have bothered equipping the new raid BoE except that our guild got two and one was already rotting in the bank.
Stat Sticks

There are many BoE stat sticks available.  All are over-priced in my opinion.  And I'm fairly flush with the coin.  There is a premium raid BoE, a blacksmith polearm, and one of those world 5man bosses drops a BoE polearm.  There aren't any 2h axe or 2h sword options.  You can do the dual-wield thing, but the agility wont work out for you as well.
EDITED TO ADD: The premium raid BoE glow stat stick dropped last night.  Interestingly, our pesky untame-able feral wasn't in the raid so I'm blessed with it.

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