Monday, August 22, 2011

RIP 11 Warcraft Hunter Blogs

It's been many months since I combed my listing of hunter blogs (see sidebar).  I'm fairly shocked to be staring in the face the long list of blogs which are now quite inactive. Here are the changes:
Removed: The Hunter's Refuge - No more Wow for Shaedon
Hmmm.. The Brew Hall - for some reason this blog's feed fell apart and it was showing the most recent post as being from last year.  This is not the case.  It's fixed now.  Sorry Darkbrew!
Removed: I loved Negathle's sass. Sorry if that makes me sound like I'm 70 years old. However her tauren has moved to greener pastures.
Keep:  He's on hiatus.  One would hope!
Removed: Mirshalak uninstalled wow many months ago.
ReMoving... Mania's blog isn't active anymore, but I want to keep links to the pet database so I'm adding a link to Petopia and removing the blog listing.
Removed: It appears that Pike and her sister incarnations have cleared the field of wow.  I loved her sketches and icons.
Removed: Short lived and apparently no longer up.  Farewell "It's a Trap".
Removed: No updates in nearly four months ... and those were about Rift.  Really it's been almost a year since Rilgon graced us with his heated dialog.
Removed: No updates in a long while.  None on Wow really since his site blew up.
Removed: Drotara has been MIA since March
Removed: No updates since February from Klinderas.
Keep:  No updates since Feb.  But I'll give it some time.  Pet tanking is often secondary to most hunter objectives.  Plus it usually requires that you over-gear the raid boss -- or at least have a second set of the same gear that you gem, enchant, and reforge differently.  I'm still putting my set together myself.
Removed: Not even a domain name anymore.  See ya "Diaries of a Marksman Hunter".
Keep:  Always great to see anything here.  He has sworn off any new posts, but I have to just leave it here in case some arise.
Removed: Kordwar hasn't posted in a long long while.

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  1. BRK has a personal blog where he has some WoW-related posts, about how he rules at BM and so on. The content is mostly non-WoW (cars, cooking, etc.), but his newest WoW posts are there.

    It's called Brain Needed Space: