Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Went Back and Got Shannox

Third time in with as many different groups of tanks.  I think this time it was helped greatly by setting out raid markers to visually cue tanks on where to generally go, where to move to when the spear is thrown, and what boundaries not to exceed.  The only flaws we had were some healers getting crystalized.  I chalk that up to them not all having the latest DeadlyBossMods installed.

I don't usually raid on Mondays.  I'm glad we did go back and nail him.  Seems easy now.

Our strategy was fairly ordinary.   Position one tank with Riplimb ~50 yards from the tank with Shannox.  Put raid markers where they are generally tanked.  Put a raid marker inbetween those positions.  Ranged is spread out between the Riplimb and middle position.  Then put another raid marker out another 20 yards so you have room to shift if you need to.

When the spear is thrown, the Riplimb tank carefully runs to the middle with Riplimb.  A crystal trap may be used then or spaced for when he goes for the spear.  We had a DK DPS on Riplimb the whole time to be able to apply chains.  I would intersperse concussion shots.  We didn't use slowing traps to help avoid accidental raiders stepping on Shannox's traps.  The Shannox tank strafes left or right to extend the time.

DPS burned the hell out of Rageface.  If you can be Marksman, you should for this fight.  You need to hit hard and break Rageface's face.  His stunning damage attack is random on a player.  But he'll attack (non-stunning) the player that snaps him out of his humanoid-feast.  This will likely be you, mages, and elemental shammies.  Luckily, you'll crit a lot when he's face-down into one of your friends.  When he comes after you, throw deterrance if it's up and drag him through Shannox's explosive traps (not the crystal ones).  You can get some space to fire off some shots, but don't disengage.  You'll screw up your fellow DPSers, healers, and that's if you don't land in a trap yourself.

After Rageface is down, I nuked Shannox from 100% to 90%.  It was damn quick.  Then the other DPS kept on Shannox, while I joined the DK on bringing down Riplimb.  We had it fairly balanced so Riplimb went down as Shannox was at 30%.  That's fairly ideal.  Generally, you will want to get Shannox down to 37% or so and nuke Riplimb and then burn Shannox.  We lucked out on DPS balancing.

Then it's burn phase on the boss.  You go from 30% to 0%.  There still isn't any taunting.  Carefully move to a more open space.  If your healers aren't OOM you're golden.  If the tank goes down, then there's no recovery and it's a 9 minute fight that you lost.  So don't take any stupid damage in this phase.  Stay in range of heals, but don't count on them.  Use your healthstone after everyone takes spear damage.  Blow all your DPS cooldowns.  Don't chatter in vent thinking it's a sure thing.  Enlarge this image if you need help visualizing that. ;-)

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