Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beth'tilac and the Hunter

In phase one of the Beth'tilac fight, SV Hunters are great.  We bring excellent AoE dps and you have two types of traps that can slow the little spiderlings.  Toss a frost trap and in a pinch, toss a snake trap.  Entrapment is a great SV talent here.

Set your beast tracking to on and zoom your mini-map so you can easily see where each large pack spawns from.  You'll be relying on the mini-map to turn and toss out traps.

When  you have a spare moment, use a Distracting Shot to pull down spinners from their strands.  There are a limited number of taunts available in the group and you have one.  Note that those adds don't do much damage, so pull them down and continue to dps the spiderling packs.

You will not be able to solo dps down the spiderling packs.  Don't try.  The first priority is to get them slowed.  Toss your LnL explosive shots on drones if you have time.  Multishot, cobra shot, multishot.  Sounds easy but it gets a little dicey.  You will have help AoE'ng.  Your target will go down quicker than the rest of the pack, so make sure to have mob health bars up.  Always try to cobra shot on the highest health spiderling.  You need that shot to fire to be refunded focus.  At times you may need to break away from spiderling packs before they are dead before the other AoEer(s) do.  You need to get those traps out to slow the next wave.  Also, don't forget that you are casting a DoT on all of them.  If they're low on health they may go down without any more help.

Just before phase two starts you need to have all the spiderlings dead.  A new pack may just have spawned, which can be trouble.

In our fights, we either were experiencing a bug or horrible timing situation.  The first time, the boss came down directly in a pack that had been out for about 5 seconds.  Okay.  So we thought 5 seconds may be too long during the special transition.  But the second time we did it, a new pack had just spawned from a far away wall.  I already had them trapped and had at least one multishot in.  I was at 41' and Beth' was behind me.  But then somehow Beth' reached a yellow beam at one and ate it.  Maybe she ate three in one beam.  But it was from at least 55 yards out and it was one beam.  She had been around 72% health when she came down.  After the beam she was back to 100%.

We burned her from 100% to 0%.  Our healers and DPS shined.

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