Friday, July 1, 2011

Hunter Valor

We're in a weird time. We hunters need to be maxing out our Valor per week, but 40 minute queue times ain't making it easy.

Valor and You

There is a lot of iLevel 378 gear available for purchase from the valor vendors.  It is very nice stuff.  You want it.

Unfortunately, you can't have it.  At least not much or very fast.  You only can get a maximum of 980 valor per week from all sources, be they random heroic rewards, Firelands raids, or heroic BoT/BWD/T4W.  If you're downing lots raid bosses, you'll cap your valor pretty quick.  If you're not then you need to get on the stick and start running random heroics and random Zuls.

Every purchase-able valor piece costs more than one week's worth of valor.  Some cost more than two weeks worth.  And that's if you're capping your valor.  If you're not, it will take a lot to catch up.

Getting That 980 Valor Cap

You can run random Zul instances 7 times a week - one right after each other if you are into punishment.  This gets you 980 valor (140 * 7).  You can also run 7 random heroics.  But that only gets you a max of 490 valor a week (70 * 7).  When Occu'thar appears as the new loot pinata in Baradin Hold, he'll be worth the same as killing a Firelands raid boss: 120 or 140 valor in a ten-man or 25-man raid respectively.

What You Might Be Tempted To Get

But What You Really Should Want
Of course if you're raiding, there are a lot of drops and crafting options that may come much faster than valor gear.  If you're not raiding, I wouldn't count on the leatherworking hands and feet becoming available any time soon.  They require raid drops to manufacture.


I would recommend you always cap your valor every week.  Find a healer or tank and run the trolls.  I would recommend you run BH every week starting July 5th.  It can provide a tier piece or two if you're very lucky - which is a huge amount in un-capped valor. I would also recommend you don't spend valor on anything except tier pieces and buy the chest first.  The legs or gloves may drop in BH.  Or you may get the helm or shoulders in a bad-ass raid.  If you have T11 bonuses hold onto the valor until you can at least get a two piece T12 bonus.  Oh, and you can get a cape, belt, trinket, and ring upgrade from Avengers of Hyjal rep vendors from running or farming Firelands.  You might also get a nice BoE 2h weapon or crossbow.  ... although they reduced the drop rates of those BoEs!

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