Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pet Tanking in 4.0.3

Wow I love my TequilaShock.  I've done some city invasions with him and he can chain tank and do it well.  The threat buildup is really nice.  Kill Command, Thunderstomp, Acid Spit, and Growl are the main keys.  KC really does the job.  Throw in taunt, last stand, intimidate, bestial wrath, and burrow and it's a nice package.  I may even try and work in intervene.

I do need to learn to use Misdirect more often, but it's really nice what I can do without it.  Mind you, I'm not auto-attacking here with the pet on aggressive.  This is a fair amount of work and every GCD is used.  I do spare some for MDs, but I can't seem to get more in without a lot of other stuff falling by the wayside.

In these city invasions, you really don't have any idea who is a tank and who isn't unless you see their health going down; Looking for shields takes a bit too much effort!  For this reason, I have my pet trying to get a mountain of threat on at least one if not multiple elementals.

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