Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hunter Buffs and Nerfs

Ferocious Inspiration: This ability is now an aura and provides 1/2/3% damage to all party or raid members within 100 yards and boosts the damage of Steady Shot by 3/6/9%.

So, is this really the case or just a typo in two places? Looks like a BM annoyance. I have to think that it's really what was advertised before by Ghostcrawler: a damage boost to Steady and Arcane by 3/6/9%.

Needle-Encrusted Scorpion: Volley and Explosive Shot can now properly trigger this trinket.

Grats Marksmen and SVs geared a little like marksmen!

Lock and Load: Fixed a bug where Lock and Load always proc'd 100% of the time from the first tick of Explosive Trap and never from additional ticks. It should now be 6% as advertised.

I guess I wasn't aware this was broken. My previous ICC-trash method was: MD-to-tank, drop Explosive Trap, disengage, get LnL proc, fire ES, tab, fire ES, tab, fire ES, multi-shot, Volley. Collect 10k dps on trash. Oh well. 3 mobs, 6% chance per mob per tick means it's a good chance that you'll get the proc in two ticks. The problem will be threat. Chalk this up as a bug fix that nerfs SV hunters - in PvP and trash.

Rapid Fire: Now triggers the global cooldown correctly.

That sucks a CD from our lives. Sucks a couple for Marksmen. Chalk this up as a straight up hunter nerf that wasn't necessary. EDIT: Hmm. Some comments from players at OutDPS think this is a bug fix that lets us use it during the GCD. Terrible wording on the fix if that is the case.

Sniper Training: Reduced the time it takes to gain this effect so with lag it will feel more consistent with the 6 seconds stated in the tooltip.

Mmmkay. So, less than 6 seconds, but perhaps more than 5 seconds? Or maybe custom to the client lag? I guess this is an SV buff. 5.x seconds is still a fairly long time on some fights.

Mortal Shots: This talent was not correctly buffing Serpent Sting by the full amount.

Grats again Marksmen.

And the final one is.. Pets will get the ICC buff in 3.3.3. So grats all hunters, but especially to any people that want to re-try BM there. With the FI change it's supposed to be comparable to SV. And SV can do better than MM on some fights.

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