Monday, March 22, 2010

Hall of Shame/Fame

Lassira told us of Mordicai's considerable Hall of Fame achievement. He tamed all four spirit beasts. Pretty cool. I have to think they aren't as camped as they once were, but still quite impressive.

So I went to the armory page of this impressive hunter. I was expecting ... well ... I was not expecting to see another bad hunter. I was sad. I was angry. I was mortified.

It wasn't because they were a blood elf.

It wasn't because they are 450 in jewelcrafting but don't use any jewelcrafter-only jewels.

It wasn't the four pieces of PvP gear. That can be a reasonable crutch. And hell, I think I'm logged out in my PvP gear at the moment.

It wasn't the 12.23% hit chance and him still using the +hit/+AP trinket and nearly worthless +hit/+haste trinket as a solo talent tree BM hunter.

It wasn't the bad and sometimes not maxed out pet talents.

It wasn't the tank gun.

It wasn't the spellpower/mp5 pants.

It was everything.

Am I too harsh? "Maybe it's just an alt with a lot of time on his hands." "He didn't ask for this scrutiny! Mind your own business!" Do I have some personal deficit for being offended at how bad this person looks in the armory? Or was it just whiplash from expecting them to be top notch?

EDITED TO ADD: Ah. This guy was not disappointing. Of course he's an insane over-achiever and a hunter.

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  1. I'm curious what you'll say about the gear i got few weeks ago, people explaining me over and over about hunter stats or simply laughing. Mix between shami and warriors gear, but with 2.2k haste and 25k health, telling them I want to tame King Krush and haven't got pocket priest, didn't help, one got to know what is King Krush. So when something is so bizarre and bad like high level completely wrong gear may be there is something else.