Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Progress

I'm not usually able to attend Monday raids. I have family obligations. I logged in 45mins into the raid just to see how they were doing. I got an immediate raid invite. We made good progress on the Blood Queen. Each pull we had at least one person DC though. And we had plenty of people who had UI problems being able to properly target and hit '1'. Despite that we made it through the transition intact once or twice. So if we can stop the DCs and fix the UIs we're golden.

We also two-shotted Heroic Jaraxxas which was nice. I think some people got some ups.

Then three of us then dove into ICC-10 with the other seven slots filled up by alts of raiders or non-raiders. We got some quick badges off the first four bosses - and got the 10-man quest. There was a lot of DE'd gear which would have been upgrades for me a month or two ago. One item was an upgrade though: Saurfang's Cold-Forged Band.

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