Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pet Resilience Considerations and Pet Tanking

I haven't tanked or OT'd any raid content. It's a little disappointing. I'm sure I could OT stuff easily if threat isn't an issue. Talking about hunter pet tanking always will raise eyebrows. And I'm in a new guild. I tanked the brewboss a few nights. Once we didn't have a healer or tank. It's pretty amazing how fast he can go down with 4 damage dealers, plus me dps'ng, tanking, and mend-petting. (I had the two-set T-5 on the first time, but it wasn't necessary while using hard shell.)

My gear is steadily improving. I got the Koralon PvP pants the other week which was a straight-up replacement to my PvP and pet tanking pants. I also have the two brewboss stamina trinkets if I need stamina instead of threat. Un-buffed I can get to about 30k health and still maintain my important pet-tank stats. I should calculate what they do in raid conditions. It probably can get the turtle pretty high though.

In a future patch it is implied there may be a pet resilience change. In order for pets to be un-critable in the current game, the pet needs grace of the mantis talents and the hunter needs to wear gear with 328 resilience. The change would lower the resilience needed because pets would inherit all of the master's resilience:
We certainly don't think pet resilience is useless. We are considering increasing it to 100% of master's resilience to make up for the increased AE damage pets will take in PvP. We don't want pets to explode on contact (neither do we want pet classes to be twice as difficult to kill) but we did think it was a little goofy and unintuitive that pets could just shrug off AE attacks in PvP. We'd rather make pets tougher against all types of damage than be vulnerable to some and nearly immune to others.
So this would be a lowering of the resilience requirement for hunter pet-tankers. 328 was never hard to meet, and many may overshoot it often anyway because of the other benefits of PvP gear. What this means is that pet-tank gear may allow for more dps and threat generation in the future.

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