Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Monitor

My UI sucks. The primary reason is that I just don't have the screen real-estate for everything I want to show.

On Mon Oct-12 I purchased 23-inch widescreen LCD monitor. I got a good deal on it. It is seeming to be too good of a deal to be true. I was given an estimated delivery date of Oct-16. (Excellent!) Well, the date has changed three times. Never have I received any notification of the change either by phone or email. The latest estimate is Oct-29.

I contacted "Order Support" using the form found on their website. I received a reference number and auto-reply email. It said I would be contacted within 24 hours. It has been 72 hours without any contact. I have requested that they expedite my order and upgrade its shipping. No responses from their escallation email address.

I am accustomed to delays. I am a stockholder in their company and so I am more forgiving than the normal customer. However, no information has been provided about any delays. No responses have been made. That is not easy to forgive or forget. But it is easy to blog-rant about.

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