Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wow 5.0 Raids Available as Cross Realm

Ghostcrawler recently reported that when 5.2 releases, 5.0 raids can be run in a cross realm raid group.  So this begs the question: What 5.0 raid bosses could be taken down in an all-hunter 25man group right off the bat?  Which would require us to completely over-gear them?  Which would be impossible?

Late in Cataclysm, the Warcraft Hunter's Union (remember to pay your dues!) ran some over-powered cross-realm all-hunter raids.  They were great.  I tanked a few and healed a few.  It's fun to have a challenge.

We can heal.  We can bring every buff.  We can DPS like crazy.  We have some self-heal abilities and decent defensive CDs.  But can we adequately tank?  Just ticking through bosses, I'm not sure which if any we'd be able to stand up against.  Long boss fights with lots of raid damage don't favor us.  Sure we'd have 25 people and pets doing some form of damage instead of a normal raid with healers, but the fights aren't that short.  Taunt trick bosses don't favor us because we don't have a true taunt.  Some of that we could get around with clever pet runs and coordinated FDs.  But then there are tank-only gimmicks (e.g.- Feng).  And then there are role-based things (not the raid frames identification -- but the actual talent spec).  If there is no tank or no melee then the encounter might bug in weird ways.

This is an exciting thought experiment that we could marshal enough people to participate in.

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  1. Interesting thoughts.
    Expect to see something on WHU soon.
    It would be nice to bring noted hunters together, who wouldn't normally be able to raid in the same group.