Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Resist Cabin Fever

Lately there has been a lot of fading interest in our noted lame duck period.  Our latest patch gave hunters our spots -- or at least a chance at our spots -- on the DPS charts again.  Giving deterrence a damage reduction for things they choose it not to affect was a clear winner as well.  But we're still here in a winter dole-drum.  So what is there to do?  Below is how I've been resisting cabin fever.

I changed my specs.  I flipped from a Marksman PvE and Marksman PvP combo to a Survival PvE talent spec and a Pet-Tank BM.  I spent a total of about twenty minutes feverishy making macros, adjusting my NeedToKnow bars, and practicing a rotation that uses Arcane Shot.  Then I did it all over again with BM.  I've run all of four bosses on Normal with SV so don't ask me too many questions about my experience.

We've been knocking over normal Dragon Soul for a while.  This week will be our third or fourth week of Morchok on heroic.  We played around and got a bunch of achievements.  But we've had some serious tank shortages.  One night zero tanks.  Another night, we did way more than you're supposed to be able to do with just one tank.  However, this puts heroic progression on the back-burner.

BM Pet Tanking
Our tank shortage is one of the reasons I chose BM as a pet-tank spec.  Normally, you'd want to use Marksman for self-heal in solo'ng older instances.  Well, I'm thinking it might not be bad to try some raid pet-tanking if the need arises.  I'm happy to have BM back; and along with it all my exotic pets that I have missed for a long time.  It is a wonderful thing to have a giant red dinosaur named Chuckles chomping the bad guys.

My ten man raid group has a feral druid, rogue, and myself all vying for agility stuff.  Of the countless weeks, only one agility trinket has dropped and only one agility ring has dropped.  Meanwhile strength and intelligence rings and trinkets have been disenchanted for weeks.  I am in pretty nice shape in other regards. I scored the first polearm.  And I have a full second set of Tier-13 gear gem'd, enchanted, and transmorg'd just for pet-tanking.

I have three long-standing achievements that I've been working on.  For a long time.  One is to get my rep to Exalted with as many groups as possible.  I've been at a large number for a long while and have had "the Exalted" title for a while.  But there have always been a few lurking at the edges.  I haven't finished the seal people in Wrath.  I never did the Netherwing in Burning Crusade.  And I never touched the Darkmoon Faire because it was truly insane.  I have a strong desire not to grind the hell out of my brain and make my eyes bleed.   Well.  Until now.  My second and third long-standing achievements are the collection of mounts and non-combat pets.  I got a neat little addon to show me all the things I'm missing.  Well, now I'm grinding out Netherwing.  In three days I'm already Revered.  (Thankfully, I held on to the Black Temple portal neck piece! Still a long way to go, but it isn't as bad as I had feared.  Certainly not as bad as it was years ago.  And of course, I'm getting the max number of fair tokens (and associated rep) so I can purchase both mounts.  I already have the strider and am a little shy of the bear.  I also slid into doing the Elder holiday.  Following that I'm finding myself pulled into the hearts holiday.  I had avoided that stuff like the plague before.  But now I have the pets and think the achievements might not be bad either.  Help me.  This is clearly a disease.  Somehow I'm smiling about it.


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