Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thoughts on T12 Set Bonuses

Here are the data-mined set bonuses for the tier gear coming in 4.2:

  • Hunter 2 Pieces - Your Steady Shot and Cobra Shot have a 10% chance to trigger a Flaming Arrow, dealing TBD% instant weapon damage as Fire.
  • Hunter 4 Pieces - You have a 10% chance from your autoshots to make your next shot cost no focus.
  • Flaming Arrow.  Why the continued rifle hate Blizz?  Why not call it a Flaming Shot?  IMHO, it should look like some sort of tracer round for guns.
  • The four piece bonus certainly looks to benefit Marksman for two reasons.
    1. Steady shots => 15% haste.   This is the common MM rotation.  Steady shots are not part of any other tree's rotation.  15% more auto shots == 15% more shots available for no focus.
    2. MM is gated by focus more than BM and much more SV.  SV's big shots are gated by cooldowns.  MM can always pull out a "manual cast" aimed shot.  That shot is almost always worth doing if it makes sense from a focus stand-point.  Would you rather get a free Kill Command as SV or get a free Aimed Shot as MM?


    1. I wonder if there's gonna be some kind of visual indication that the 4-piece bonus has proc'd. It's gonna be such a pain to weave into MM's rigid rotation because it seems to just be a no-focus shot but would still have its cast time.

    2. Regarding the proc: if there isn't a visual indication and/or bars flashing like mad, there certainly would be a buff which you could detect with power auras or need to know.

      As MM I can usually fit in any number of Manual cast Aimed Shots. If I have the focus, then it's a dps up to do it. With that four piece set bonus there is one drawback; You don't auto shot while aimed shot casting. So it's /possible/ Arcane Shot might have a place even with its very cheap focus cost.

    3. I'm anxious to see if the 2 piece bonus will be affected by survivial's mastery. I hope not since all the specs are pretty even for once.

    4. 10% chance to get a free shot that you would fire anyway cuz of that you have to calculate ahead of time what to use next on each shot?. This bonus should be deleted or remade, its a poor idea with focus system. Seriously, it says shot aswell, so ill bet you 50gold, you cant even use a KCMD prolly, and even then would it be of any use as MM, vs having bonus running or chance getting step closer to a free instant aimed? Its flawed to the core when i look at this 2/4 set bonus. DO IT OVER !