Friday, May 6, 2011

All my characters

Kheldul is deciding if he should burn some Conquest for a new PvP head and shoulders or if he should get the gun.  Because of the damn Conquest weekly caps he has to wait a week to do the deed either way.  Contrast that with the possibility of getting the ZA shoulders and helm and it's a bit of a wait-and-see situation.  That said, he PvPs enough that there wouldn't be a bad choice.

Khelark has taken a back seat as far as doing heroics.  She healed ZA once and finished, but the quality of PuGs has really really declined since 4.1.  She's in full 346 and will pick up two T11 when she has enough for two at once.  The drop in spirit with just taking one is a bit scary.  She is primarily making mountains of gold coins from jewelcrafting.  She just tipped over 100k.

Khelduwath is my DK tank.  I had a lot of fun leveling him just in dungeons.  He got up to 333 and just got sick of the PuG quality and didn't want to subject his low health pool on heroics.  That said of course he could do that and get it fixed pretty quick through upgrades.  But it's sad to inflict that on people IMHO.

Khel is my little leveler warrior.  He's tricked out in tank BoAs and has a second set of dps BoAs.  It's sometimes fun to level ... but it happens a bit too fast.

Okay.. that's not all my characters, but it's all I feel about mentioning at the moment.

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  1. I see you've re-added my blog, Kel. :)

    I will most likely still be updating every now and then, so leave me up...just not sure how frequently it will be, yet. :)