Saturday, July 10, 2010

RS and PvP Happenings

Tuesday was a bit of a wash.  Got in on just four ICC-10H bosses.  Wednesday was decent.  We had 25, so we finally hit Halion.  It wasn't an ideal 25, but we eventually got everyone with the program and downed him.  It was certainly fun, but also tiring.  THE trinket dropped.  I bid essentially 28 full raids worth of DKP, but lost. 

I found 10man easier and harder.  It was easier to orchestrate phases 1 and 2.  In fact in 10man, I don't think we ever didn't get to phase 3.  But in 10man balancing the damage is harder and you need to have more people flipping back and forth.  In 25man, we had people who had issues with the shadow realm dance.  But balancing the damage was a bit easier.  It wasn't easy, but it was easier.

The heroic version adds all sorts of extra perfection to the boss.  I imagine we could do it in 10man because the dancing element was easier with a smaller group, and the void zones would be less of an issue with a smaller number of people.  Heroic 10man offers shoulders which might be an up for my current MM ones.

I've been trying for a few more PvP achievements.  So far, just making progress.  But some are quite evil.  Overall, the PvP is fairly fun.

I finally visited all the horde cities.  That was neat.  It was a completely and utterly fail group that somehow managed to just barely not fail. It was about 10 new level 80s, 10 not-new level 80s, and 10 level 60-75's.  The level 60 didn't even have Burning Crusade, so he couldn't go to the Blood Elf boss...  Oh!  And me and two others basically took her down.  Even though she kept going into EVADE and resetting to full health.  We spent 20minutes downing her, her guards, the pvp bosses, and killing the occasional real player.  We had no real horde competition though.

It did provoke a strong counter-attack, but they hit IronForge.  IF's throne room is basically a death-trap of a place, and that's what we made it.  It was another 15minutes of hunting down stragglers hiding in all the different rooms there are in IF.

Add in some random battlegrounds and Wintergrasp, and it was a PvPathon.

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