Friday, July 2, 2010

Ammo and the Auction House

I play the auction house. I know my market and have made about 100k gold there. I play the AH maybe four or five times a week for 20mins each.  I've bought about 40k gold worth of items for my characters. So I've "given back".  I don't abuse the markets.  I don't scam.  I like to think that I create value.

So when I see scammers I like to crush them.  Observe this picture I took a week or so ago:

See the 300 "stacks" listed by scamming a$$h@ts? That's a bunch of poor hunters who will show up at a raid and be dumb-founded as to why they are OOAmmo. Stacks should not be one arrow or bullet. They shouldn't be 100 arrows or bullets either.

The problem is that 100 and 1000 stack sizes look damn similar in the AH tool. There really just isn't room for four numbers. And stack sizes of one don't list a "1", they just list the icon without a number. So it is actually easy to buy these. I'm not sure if I ever did. And I might not have noticed!

Stacks of ammo should always be the full 1000 stack size.

So I buy a normal stack and send most of it to my hunter. Then I poison the well for the scammer. I list stacks of 1 at my cost, 41 copper in this case. Nobody will buy the scammer's "cheap" stacks. They'll by my "cheap" stacks and that's all they'll see. If they're dumb then they aren't out any cash. But it's also a good "Doh!" moment for them when they see one stack listed for gold and another listed for a few copper.

Below is another night showing me do the same thing:

Until we get unlimited ammo, don't be fooled. And if you play the AH, you can do your server a service and prevent others from being scammed.

Here's the scary part. I sell a dozen or so 41c arrows every 48 hours. I always look ... and they're to all sorts of different people. The scammers aren't buying me out.

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