Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome Back Kheldul

I had a great Christmas vacation in the back woods of northern Vermont. Picture perfect hikes. My brother-in-law's friend had a two-horse-drawn open sleigh that we galloped around. Even pulled a kid sled behind us. (Fast!) The day after Christmas I tried a couple runs on a "Jack-Jumper" ski. It's a backwoods creation of an old ski, a vertical piece of wood and a horizontal piece on top of that which forms an improvised seat. A dislocated shoulder and incredible new levels of pain later, I know that I'll stick with two skis. I'm still waiting to see if my ligaments and rotator cup will need surgery.

It was still a great vacation and good time away. Since coming back I've played a little wow with my arm in a sling.

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  1. Sorry about the accident...but this pic is classic!