Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My World of Raids

Life in Table for Ten is certainly different than Blade of Honor. It's smaller. I still know everyone and am friends with everyone. But there's no doubt it's smaller. We had a guild meeting and got the lay of the land. I now have friends all over the place. Many of these folks are in 25man raiding guilds. It's a little strange to think that I may know a lot of people in a guild that I've never done anything with.

We ran some stuff last night after the guild meeting. The Faction Champions continue to be a problem. I have to think it's because many people just don't have a PvP hat to slap on. Either that or we're missing something. And I can't dig through details because my auto-combat-logger addon wasn't configured to save for the 10man instance. I would like to see if we have enough purging, decursing, spell-stealing, etc. going on. I think some of it is just that some may not think about helping out others. The roles in PvP are a bit more overlapped and fluid than in PvE. We also seemed to lose dps off the bat a lot. For some reason in their canned mob logic, I rarely got CC'd and was usually the last alive. I'm not sure how many attempts we made, but it was about an 80g repair bill.

With an hour left to raid, we went into Ulduar and got a few achievements. Unbroken and Shutout was kinda nice. We'll do another one for towers up. I suppose we could have tried them together, but that probably should be a different stacked achievement. We also did Heartbreaker. Got it on our second try without reading strats, so I'm guessing it's pretty damn nerfed. The gun did not drop. The silly ring did.

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