Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm not a guild-hopper. I'm really anything but that. I spent two years in one and three in another. I really loved both guilds. I spent the past couple weeks in a ten man guild, made entirely of people who came from the previous guild.

We had about 15 good solid raiders in the 10-man guild to ensure it would succeed. None of us had any interest in recruiting any more. And then one, two, three of those people left or were out on extended unknown breaks. And in a very short period of time, raids dwindled to nothing. More people left. There had only been 8 raiders logging in at all in a week's time. I was alone in guild a few nights last week. There was nobody to talk to about it. Things weren't viable. The writing was on the wall. Maybe even in neon letters.

I was being asked to pug some raids. I was also being asked to join one of the most long-lived raiding guilds on the server. And asked and asked. The guild had eleven people I already knew. Some of whom I know their real names better than their character names. My work buddy also belonged to the guild years ago and told me the GM was great and the guild was a perfect match. However, my raiding friends weren't there. But they weren't anywhere anymore. There wasn't anyone to talk to about it in guild. There wasn't even anyone to see my /gquit.

Within about 30secs of accepting the ginvite I was receiving a raid invite and summon. I didn't do anything dumb, dps'd only what I should, when I should, and how fast I should, got Misdirects to the tanks (and not healers!), and tossed some good damage. I know the other competitive hunter pretty well. He is marksman and the class leader. He's exceptionally well geared and will probably put me to shame next time.

Now all I need to wrangle is the new raid night schedule.

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