Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Flying Requirements in 6.2.1ish

It will require these current achievements:

  • Draenor Loremaster - Under Quests > Draenor > "Loremaster of Draenor"
  • Assaults - Under Quests > Draenor > "Securing Draenor".  If you don't have them you should be able to buy them in your garrison.
  • Map Reveals - Under Exploration > "Explore Draenor". Use your feather if you can't find the specific spot.
  • 100 Draenor Treasures Found - I don't think the achievement for 100 is in place yet.  Use the one under Exploration > Draenor > "Grand Treasure Hunter" and get your count over 100. There are addons to help and of course you can buy map garrison missions from a guy in Ashran.

And it will require "three new Tanaan Jungle reputations to be at Revered.

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