Monday, November 18, 2013

Latest and Greatest

I haven't been posting much here (though you can check my twitter feed).

I have been following all the pre/live/post-Blizzcon news.  I like the approach of having new talents replace or enhance current abilities so as to not perpetuate the actionbar bloat problem.  I generally think that the particular abilities will change, but feel like the three talent choices align nicely with SV (Bolo AoE), MM (the stand still cast), and BM (super pet). Of course they aren't bound to specializations like that, and accommodations were made for different talent pairings (e.g.- no pet out gives a damage bonus) but it feels like they are aligned to a primary specialization.

In game, we spent three weeks on a large number of very very long attempts on Garrosh.  P3 will get easier and easier the more gear you get.  The week after killing him, we got Heroic Immerseus (basically nine-manning it).  The next week (this week!) we got him again and three new heroic bosses.  We're pretty happy about those kills.  We'll be trying Heroic Iron Juggernaught tonight on our third raid night of the week. 

So far no gear upgrades in the past month...

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  1. Hey, can u lern me a bit more in wow as hunter?