Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gearing Up for Pet-Tanking

Last week I started gearing up my pet-tanking set.  This week I filled it in a bit more.  The video shows what I'm doing and a little trick that can surprise people.  Click the bottom for full screen and/or HD.

I guess I really should do something with my YouTube channel...


  1. You should realy turned off the ingame sound

  2. Yeah, lot's of background noise.

    Anyway, so that's a bug with Last Stand during Stampede where it applies 5 Last Stands to your main pet?

    p.s., glad you were on the HPP this weekend. Looking forward to future appearances.

  3. Yeah. My sound was terribly imbalanced. Sorry about that. I think I practically whispering.

  4. Weird.. Okay I did another one. But my sound effects wont stay Disabled. Weird. Too tired of this to do another with the sound set to 1/10..