Monday, November 19, 2012

Your Valor Grind and Patch 5.1

Hunters rejoice!  Or if you were looking forward to getting off the valor treadmill, drown your tears in a dark ale.  Or three.  You're going to want a lot more valor -- and soon.

With 5.1 we have the ability to upgrade existing equipment.  Some equipment can be upgraded two levels and some only one.  If you're still stuck with some blue gear, you can get away with just spending 1,500 justice points to upgrade one i463 item to a i471 piece of gear.  You don't get to choose which stats get upgraded.  This will keep everyone on the treadmill for a lot longer.

If you scoff at the minor upgrades you can achieve with that valor expenditure, don't fret.  Blizz has you covered with more dailies and another faction grind.  I'll be happy for the variety myself.  For 6,500 valor and appropriate faction rep, you can outfit yourself with some lovely epic i496 gear; a nice ring, an on-use trinket, some decent shit-kickers, and a non-bullet oriented belt.

Of course all of that gear is upgradable twice as well.   Spend 750 valor and bump up a piece of i496 to i500.  Spend another 750 valor and it and its stats are that of a i504 piece.

Aww hell.  My ptr links are pointing to the wrong places somehow.  I had them all gathered up nicely and it's been changed somehow.  Ahh! has something corroborative.   They're buried in a large screenshot gallery otherwise I'd just link to the story. 


  1. We are going to need a lot of Valor point :X Nice post :)

  2. Nice looking trinket.
    Good thing I haven't spent my valor from last week or this week.
    Tomorrow, we're reset and I shall add to the pile.
    After reading your article, I shall certainly not be spending that valor.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. The trinket as it stands does look to be very very nice. 1min CD and a good on-use ability that we can easily stack at the start of a fight. Although 1min might be good enough to just blow all the time it's up. And there's usually 1 min delay before pulling a boss.

    The only downside is that it requires Revered with the new faction, so it will be a couple weeks in or so.