Friday, October 12, 2012

Fuel, Farms, Fun, and the Bleak Future of Dungeons

I'm not exactly sure how Blizzard made cooking so fun.  I think it may be that they were completely okay with adding a crazy complex smorgasbord of stuff as long as the end products never unbalanced the game.  And it is crazy complex and lovely.  And I think we players have been have had some complexity removed from the game, so its refreshing to have something too difficult to explain in a couple sentences.

I think the best part of cooking is that it keys into the whole personal property thing with your own little personally improvable farm.  I really really do have to hope that this can lead to other property; Guild houses, player housing, etc.

I know housing would be the antithesis of getting players out into the world, but it would be a helluva fun.  The one thing I don't like about all these dailies is that they are essentially making a one-player game in a multi-player game.  Yes, they get people out in the field, but they don't get people working together.  So perhaps guild houses could have associated guild dailies.

I like running dungeons.  But running dungeons is not getting people out in the world.  It is slotting them into an instance.  Running dungeons feels like it may be coming to a close.  There are not enough incentives.  I personally want to get valor by completing heroics.  (And I could use a couple more i463 drops.)  But last night seems to be a foretelling.  We had no problems, no wipes, no issues.  But I went through three tanks in my LFD random just to kill the last two bosses in Scarlet Monastery and three tanks in the Brewery.  Their gear didn't drop or it did and they left.  Or they didn't want to possibly roll against someone else for gear so they demanded to be kicked even when we couldn't.  It was very tiring waiting around and knowing I don't have an insta-queue. I think after I'm done with gear there will be far far more efficient means of getting valor.  I suppose I'm also a little jealous about my inability to be a Primadona tank while playing my hunter.  (Though the way some of these guys tank I think my turtle would be fine if healers noticed pets.)

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