Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heroic Spine Hunter Macro

There is an odd situation with targeting the Burning Tendons via a macro on Heroic Spine in DS.  /target Burning Tendons will not work under a variety of situations.  I have a bunch of hypotheses as to why.  But there is a simple solution which is rumored to always work: /target boss2.

Below is the macro I'm going to be using now:

/target boss2
/cast Hunter's Mark
/use Kiroptyric Sigil
/cast Call of the Wild

There are some very nice DPS tweaks for hunters already listed at the Wow Hunter's Hall.  At this point, I think that swapping our stat-stick is a bit agressive and unnecessary given the substantial nerfs to DS now.  I'll stay SV.  I will most likely do the pet dismiss rotation.

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