Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Looking for Pet-Tanking Trinket Recommendations

I'm looking for better trinket options for pet-tanking than these (slot1 / slot2) stamina ilevel 365s.  My unbuffed pet health is quite good (185K) but I don't think I should give up 1,000 stamina.  I am considering the alternative stamina trinkets and pondering how -- and how difficult they would be to get.

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  1. Dragon Soul has two stam trinkets: << mastery proc!

    Firelands has this BOE trinket:

    I've seen them all drop several times, but I have been raiding FL and DS almost every week since they came out. You won't get the DS trinkets in LFR because they're flagged for a tank, so your roll would get cancelled out. Your best bet if you're not currently raiding DS is to start pugging at least the first half every week. The trinkets you want drop off the first few bosses.