Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MoP's SV Hunter Lacks the Bounce

MoP's SV hunter definitely lacks some bounce.  I don't have my addons ported over but I can easily see how it will play out.  I'll be watching DoT timer bars and getting LnL weaving.  That isn't any different.  What is different is standing around.

Black Arrow currently has a cast time of two seconds and no cooldown and costs 40 focus.  I would really like to see the first two things changed.

The lack of a cooldown is nice as you can toss in a fire trap as well, but it screws with you thinking that "it's off cooldown, I should shoot it again".  So I guess I could take or leave the lack of cooldown.  Its CD aligning with the duration of the DoT makes sense.  The tooltip in MoP (screenshot, wowhead) however confirms that there is no CD and a cast time.

SV must be maintaining BA DoTs for LnLs to occur. (How's that for alphabet soup?) The big issue here is that BA has a cast time.  If you don't like standing around for Cobra Shots, you really wont like standing around for BA.  With Cobras, you at least have the option of doing it in Aspect of the Fox.  Not that Aspect Twisting is anything anybody really wants to do.  But BA is a damaging shot not a regen or just a proc generator.  So even if AotF worked with BA you wouldn't want to do it.

I'd like to see BA with a CD equaling its time of DoT and have the cast time removed.  Being able to fire a few BAs on different targets is just not a good trade-off for a second cast time spell.  Cast times are the land of Marksmanship and taking time to aim.

EDITED TO ADD: I posted a version of this in the MoP class forums.  If you're going to comment, do it over there.

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